Jokes aside…


… I could really, really need some GOOD Jisbon spoilers, something SUPER AMAZING, you know…



I think it’s beautiful that Jane and Lisbon have managed to maintain so much chemistry and growth without actual physical intimacy. It shows that there’s true love there, which of course will only begin to develop since their kiss and eventual sexual encounters.


Simon and Robin phone wallpapers.

- Free to use, just save it (click the photo and hold until ‘save image’ pops up on your phone)

- Also decent size for laptops etc.

- Request a wallpaper and size here.

I need serious help…


I’m not able to find new books anymore. I need a few for a journey, but whenever I read a summary or an extract, I’m always like: “Nah, too clichéd.” or “Nah, there are no sparks, there’s no fighting despite obivous attraction.” or “Nah, that’s hardly as good as a fanfic.” or “Why can’t I select the genres and my OTP?” or “THEY ARE NOT JANE AND LISBON WHY WOULD I WANT TO READ THAT?”

I mean, come on, how hard could it be?!

… I’m hopelessly spoilt by all the Jisbon fanfiction I’ve read. *sigh*